Retailer Networks Built Fast On Shopify

Direct To Consumer Fulfilment

In a fast moving modern world of ecommerce how do you expand your reach without relying on market places such as Amazon or Ebay?

Alvio was built to answer this question.

Alvio allows any of the 1.7 million stores on the Shopify platform to be connected directly to your own Shopify back end and through that to your ERP, Dispatch and other backend systems.

Orders automatically Sync'd to your store in near real time

  • There is no need to create a new process for pick pack and dispatch 
  • Orders are processed in real time 
  • All fulfilment and Logistics updates such as tracking numbers are instantly updated to your clients customer order in their store 


Trade Pricing, Stock availability & Product Range are all configurable per client 

  • Allowing you to separately manage your relationships to suit the companies you deal with 
  • Manage the product range available to best suit their target Audience 
  • Manage pricing structures and fine tune to encourage more sales and provide discounts that suit their volume and provide consistent returns per retailer  

Fast onboarding of new Dropship clients & Expand your reach

  • With Alvio installed in your clients store in minutes you can setup and create a connection in minutes 
  • Product information can be in their store a few minutes later and they can be trading and taking orders in less than a day  
  • Through Alvio get discovered and discover new clients in your industry initially through our concierge Free service and later through the network and supplier and retailer directly and ultimately through the app suggesting partners based on key metrics 


New products on sale in partner stores in minutes not weeks

  • Simply get the product information ready on your store 
  • Select the partner 
  • Select the product and make it available to them 
  • This functionality will soon have a bulk process so that you can manage this at scale with a few clicks