Repellar™ Footwear Protection

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waterproofingRepellar™ footwear protection. GREENER. BETTER.

 From street and sportswear to terraces and formal fits, Repellar™ will protect all your footwear throughout the year.

  • Stunning results on all fabric and suede shoes
  • when applied to your footwear, the Repellar™ seal creates an invisible, durable, self-healing defensive layer. Washable up to 20 times with no performance degradation 
  • Best performing against  its competitors – (SGS tested to 100 against the AATTCC22​ Water Spray test).
  • Simply mix the Repellar™ Solution, spray on – blow dry with a hair dryer – then your footwear is protected. No hassle.
  • Repellar™ is totally odourless
  • Lasts up to 6 months
  • There will be no changes to the colour of your footwear, the vibrant tones of your colourways will be preserved and durability is guaranteed.
  • Utilises cutting edge quantum silica fusion nano technology
  • The liquid glass seal is washable up to 40 ° C
  • Water based substance with a heat activated formula
  • Repellar™ is Biodegradable
  • Made and deployed on your shoes without propellant gas
  • Created with no animal testing whatsoever
  • Repellar™ is the consumer division of DIOX Coatings Ltd, a global leader in developing high performing and environmentally sustainable textile coatings.

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