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What Does Alvio do?

It's Simple Really...

Alvio automates the flow of product and order information between Shopify stores.

Supplier Relationships With Other Shopify Merchants Made Easy

Expand your retailer network by offering your products and data to Shopify merchants quickly and easily. 

Alvio for Brands

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Alvio for Suppliers

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Alvio for Retailers

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Features & Functionality

Store Connection Features

Alvio allows you to connect to other stores using the App in the following ways 


  • Allowing other stores to import your product data 
  • Receive order from the stores that have your products sync'd


  • Allowing you to import product data to your store and publish to your site
  • Export orders for these products to a supplier store automatically for fulfilment

or Both 

With Alvio you can be both a supplier and retailer, shipping your own products for others and selling products from other stores on the Alvio network

Relationship Management

Each store relationship can be managed independently including 

  • Product range available to each store that is connected 
  • Pricing of products 
  • Payment terms 

Product Sync Features

A powerful tool to sync product information between Shopify stores. 

  • Syncs almost instantly 
  • Sync all product information including, images, tags, types and more
  • Optionaly Sync Inventory 
  • Select per store connection which products should be available to sync
  • All products initial sync as unpublished
  • Freedom to edit products after sync whilst maintaining the relationship 

Product Pricing Features

Alvio allows you to independently set the pricing offered per store connection. giving granular control per relationship

  • Set the base price on either your stores product price or product cost price 
  • Set a global percentage such as 10% on top of the base price across all products
  • Set a percentage per product giving you fine control over your margins
  • Changes to your pricing are alerted to retailers through the app

Order Sync Features

A powerful tool to sync order information between Shopify stores. 

  • Each order placed with a retailer is synced to your Shopify store to process as you would normally
  • Orders for multiple supplier products are automatically split down and routed to the appropriate supplier store
  •  Order placed with suppliers have the email removed to avoid a conflict of interest 
  • Orders Statuses are synced between stores so retailers customers are notified when there order is dispatched 

Retailer Invoicing & Payments

Alvio allows you to invoice and process payments through the Shopify platform quick and effectively or alternatively Invoice outside of the network in your usual manner  

  • Enable / Disable Shopify Invoicing
  • All order placed with a supplier from retailer are tracked 
  • Set Account terms such as 0,7,14.30 days 
  • When term reached all orders placed per retailer are totalled up and PO order raised in your store 
  • A link to pay for the order is sent to the retailer to pay via your checkout
  • Once the PO order is paid all orders associated with it are marked as paid 

Alvio's Partnership with Alternative Markets

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Alvio’s Long Term Aims & Objectives

Disrupt and revolutionise the way B2B relationships work and operate in eCommerce globally

How are we going to achieve this ?

By building a network that will allow businesses to digitally  build & automate brand, supplier & retailer relationships.

There has been a huge amount of digital inovation in the retailer and cosumer relationship over the last 10 years and we want to bring that to the B2B market. Providing the tools to transform the way business is done. 

Below are jsut some of the ways we aim to achieve this goal ...

Leverage the power of 1 Million stores on the Shopify Network to create a competitive advantage

Many SME's and even PLC's have little choice to engage and sell through centralised marketplaces such as Amazon. this gives the marketplaces far to much power.

Alvio looks to address this by harnessing the power of the network effect of many smaller stores and completely decentralising the market. 

Allow suppliers & brands to control their margins & distribution centrally

Allow businesses to control the margins and discounts given to each of the retailers on the network.

This stops a race to the bottom which has been the problem with centralised market places such as Ebay and Amazon 

Facilitating faster and more reliable trade between suppliers, brands and retailers

With the data interchange of product and order information between suppliers and retailers stores being almost instantaneous, new products can get to market much quicker and existing products can find new avenues quickly

Automated input of orders removing the need for human data entry leads to far less errors and administration over heads.  

Digital order transfer means consumers get there orders faster and improves the consumer and brand experience 

Turn B2B relationships globally into a digital economy with trust built into a network

The Avlio network will validate each business on the network, firstly through checks against external sources such as UK Companies House information and VAT numbers checks. 

Secondly companies on the network both Supplier and Retailers will be ranked by the network based on risk and trading patterns within the network such as prompt payment, the volume of orders, number of other relationships. Think Linkedin but for businesses

Reduce the environmental cost of Ecommerce

By encouraging more centralised model were the distance travelled by products between point of origin and consumer is reduced and therefore massively reducing the carbon cost of eCommerce 

Investment Opportunity

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